Are you ready to try out a Chromapolis demo?

Are you ready to try out a Chromapolis demo?

Christmas definitely came early this year! For the first time, developers have the great opportunity to test both the platform and Rell - a new relational blockchain programming language!

Hello World! Here it is, the latest tool for building dapps, decentralized applications, made by people and owned by people. The first developer preview is a demo version of the platform. The demo gives developers an opportunity to test Chromapolis and try programming in Rell. The feedback will help direct the path Chromapolis will take in order to create great tools for the Web 3.0.

Are you not sure if the demo is for you? Let’s check!

  1. Are you super interested in decentralised Internet?
  2. Have you tried out already Ethereum or other platforms and tried to build something on them?
  3. Did you feel a bit limited by them?
  4. Would you prefer that open-source platforms wouldn’t be so niche and inefficient?
  5. Are you annoyed by the fame of hyper-centralised information networks?
  6. Are you a curious person, ready to get involved and become a part of this project?

Well, if you answered “yes” on at least one of the questions, you should try the demo! And won’t hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas and obstacles, since the smallest feedback is extremely valuable at this stage of that project!

Try it here! And let us know what you think by writing to