SPIN Protocol partners with Chromapolis to develop its decentralized app

SPIN Protocol partners with Chromapolis to develop its decentralized app

Chromapolis, the relational blockchain platform for mainstream dapps, has recently partnered with Spin Protocol, a decentralized commerce ecosystem for social influencers. The partnership is aimed at developing the e-commerce dapp to reach its maximum potential.

The needs of SPIN Protocol

SPIN Protocol is a new way of connecting social media influencers with their audience and businesses. As much as there are already existing platforms for influencers to redirect their followers to try the products and services they use, all of them rely on a middle partner. This may result in unnecessary fees and a loss of data control and trust of the audience, which can affect the reputation of the influencers and the brands. Another existing problem is that some individual influencers might encounter problems to process commerce operations as opposed to bigger conglomerates. SPIN Protocol responds to the need of these influencers by building a decentralized platform for smart contracts between influencers and their followers.

While storing the information on the blockchain, SPIN Protocol also allows the influencers to analyze the data from their customers to offer better solutions and products to their followers.

SPIN Protocol already counts with more than 1700 brands of cosmetic and fashion products and with an estimated audience of 75 million users.

SPIN Protocol, the first use-case of Chromapolis

With this partnership, Chromapolis ensures its first dapp to run fully on the platform. SPIN Protocol will be built using Rell, the easy-to-learn but powerful language created for Chromapolis.

Chromapolis for the decentralized e-commerce platform

Chromapolis offers not only a secure platform for SPIN Protocol to host their dapp and easily build it with Rell, but it also provides fast and cheap payment methods. The transactions on Chromapolis are significantly faster than in other platforms, with 500 to 1000 transactions per second.

Chromapolis also offers a better usability not only for the developer but also for the user. SPIN Protocol will be able to build in an easy-to-use platform, adapted to the needs of both influencers and customers.

The technology behind Chromapolis is relational blockchain. Using relational blockchain for any dapp, and for SPIN, in particular, will bring the best of a database and a blockchain, permitting the smart contracts to run smoothly on their own blockchain and to collect meaningful data from customers to permit a better user experience.